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Design & Tech Department

Given the impressive work this department does we can definitely boast of its work and the talent of its members. From FIC's social media posts to IGTV and YouTube videos and from developing this super interactive website to handling the live stream to make knowledge gaining a seamless experience for the audience, the design and tech team ensures FIC's online presence is self expressive and leaves an everlasting impression on the viewers.


Headed by Manav Jain

It is almost impossible to find someone as creative as Manav. It is a joy to watch him embrace his creativity and utilize that to its fullest extent in his work. His unconventional approach always helps in distinguishing his work from the others. He is never short of out-of-the-box ideas and proves his mettle again and again by being one of the most reliable team members. His approachable and humorous nature makes it easy to interact with him. He never shies away from accepting his faults and works twice as hard to rectify them.


We at Design & Technical Department

The design and tech department acts as the backbone of FIC when it comes to handling our online presence. We put to active use our creative abilities and portray our imagination through elements by using software like Canva, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc. 

We constantly push ourselves to expand our horizons of creative outlook and technical command, thus enhancing our out of the box thinking abilities and making us a more useful asset for FIC each day.


We actively fulfil our duty of creating an immersive space for FIC Aryabhatta in the virtual world.

With a great responsibility of creating the 'face of FIC in the digital world', serving in we ensure that we polish our skills and emerge as a professional in the field of design and technology.

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